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Finding Friends

In one phase of life, you might find friends at your workplace. In another, you'll find compatriots while raising children. In still another, you might find people who share a hobby. At every stage, friendships are different, though they might not be long.

The important thing to remember, according to AARP, is that everyone needs friends and social interaction. At one point in your life, you might be the toast of the town, with an exciting social life. In another phase, you might spend time with just a few friendly people who you might never have been interested in at an earlier stage. But those social interactions are still important.

People can find more social interaction and friendships by getting involved in group, church, school, volunteer or work situations. The key is taking the risk to make a friend.
Big Walnut Ladies Auxiliary Officers
Phone: (614) 861-9073

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Nancy Evans
Jr Past Madam President -
Melissa Birman Madam President  -
Dawn Wiggins Madam Vice President -
Judy Curtis Madam Treasurer -
Joyce Richards Madam Secretary
Carolyn Orders Madam Chaplain -
Bobbi Bauer Madam Conductor -
Lindsay Ballenger Madam Inside Guard -

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Sandy Allmon Madam Trustee -
Christine Amburgey Madam Trustee -
Madam Trustee -
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