Fraternal Order of Eagles
Big Walnut F.O.E. #3261
1623 Brice Road
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
(614) 861-9073
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Boy Scout Troop #279
Boy Scout Troop #279 meets at the Big Walnut F.O.E. each week. We are proud to help out local scout troop with our place to meet!

  • Troop Meetings every Monday night 7-8:30 pm
  • Crew Meetings 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month 7-8 pm

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What not to share with employees

In your first managerial role? A piece of advice: Never get personal. It's lonely at the top and managers or leaders of a team can find themselves tempted to overshare information, but some things should never be discussed, according to Forbes Magazine.

Key idea: Never share information you know to be confidential or personal.

First, never discuss personnel matters. Don't talk about another employee's personal life. It's appropriate to say a team member had to take a day off for personal matters. It's not appropriate to say their child is having discipline problems at school and they had to meet with the principal. Your team may be friendly with each other and they might even know the situation, but you should never discuss matters an employee told you in private. Similarly, don't discuss an employee's work performance. If you have an opinion about that, discuss it with the employee, never one of his or her co-workers. Don't take part in silly team gossip: So-and-so makes bad coffee or hates to go out to lunch. In the same way, never discuss wages, raises or bonuses which can breed resentment.

Second, never discuss your own work challenges, performance or aspirations. Don't engage employees in your own quest for advancement. Never discuss your personal life in a way that compares your life to that of your employees. Getting a new car because of your new job? That's your business and yours alone.

Third, never discuss company challenges or your own opinion of the company leadership with employees. Doing this threatens your own career since confidential information will quickly circulate and it will be traced back to you.

Even the most loyal employee should never be trusted with confidential information. Don't complain about company decisions.
Christmas delivered

If you hate debating over Christmas trees at the local lots, Amazon has an alternative. According to the Associated Press, Amazon will deliver North Carolina Fraser firs for $115, with Prime shipping and pre-ordering. They promise that all live trees will be shipped within 10 days of being cut down and will survive the trip to your door.

Despite the convenience, the National Christmas Tree Association is skeptical that buyers will want a tree sight unseen.
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Giving mighty thanks for the little things

The great humorist Will Rogers once said of Thanksgiving: In the days of our founders, they were willing to give thanks for mighty little, for mighty little was all they expected. If they could gather in a few pumpkins, potatoes, and some corn for the winter, they were in a thankful mood.

Today we have mighty expectations even for the mundane. When you think about it, it's a bit of a miracle that we rarely give a thought as to who grows the pumpkins and corn, but we expect them to be there when we want them. So, on Thanksgiving, give a thought to the mighty little expectations of the founders and count your blessings.

Have a great holiday!