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Boy Scout Troop #279
Boy Scout Troop #279 meets at the Big Walnut F.O.E. each week. We are proud to help out local scout troop with our place to meet!

  • Troop Meetings every Monday night 7-8:30 pm
  • Crew Meetings 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month 7-8 pm

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Growing market for internet of things poses security risk

More electronic devices will soon connect to the internet, providing more convenience and information, but this internet of things also brings new security risks, according to security provider Malwarebytes.

Privacy issues top the list of concerns. Devices that include always-on cameras and microphones are prime targets for hacking by criminals hoping to steal or just harass consumers.

Those with smart appliances essentially agree to data collection and sharing when they make their purchases. Some smart refrigerators, for instance, keep track of what kinds of food you buy and can be integrated into applications to purchase groceries online. Televisions can keep track of what you are watching, and AI-powered devices like Alexa and Google Home keep a record of your search history. Depending on the fine print, that data can then be used to send you targeted ads or be sold to big data analysis companies.

As connected devices become more mainstream, vulnerabilities can and will arise that allow hackers to take control. Cars with automatic driving capability, for instance, opens the door for tech-savvy criminals to take over and ransom the vehicle back to the owner or even cause a crash. Recently, it was discovered that baby monitors can allow hackers to watch or speak to sleeping children. A strong password for these seemingly innocuous items is essential.

Internet-enabled security cameras acted as a backdoor to attack service providers like Twitter, Netflix, and CNN.

Consumers must remember there is usually very little protection built into connected devices. Instead, device safety depends on the security of the home network, where strong passwords and security are essential.

Before you buy an internet connected device, make sure it doesn't have a generic username and password. These are usually posted somewhere on the dark web, just an invitation to a hacker.
Virtual reality shopping

Walmart is getting serious about virtual shopping. The company applied for two patents for a virtual reality showroom where customers could explore and make purchases online, according to Engadget. There is already a tour available to give those interested a taste. The 3D tour of an apartment showcases the company's home decorations and appliances. To see it, simply search for 'Walmart 3D shopping tour.'
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How to handle an aging dog

Just like humans, dogs require different kinds of care at each stage of life, and it is essential that pet owners be aware of the changes ahead so that they can plan for prevention, according to PetMD.

Unlike humans, there are many different breeds and sizes of dogs that can bring their unique challenges. In general, bigger dogs age faster so giants like Great Danes will be considered senior age at around 5-6 years old while a small dog like a Chihuahua might be closer to 10-11. The most common issues to watch out for are degenerative issues such as arthritis, dental disease, and obesity.

Dogs suffering from arthritis can't tell their owners that they are hurting but might provide clues if they seem to tire more easily, have trouble moving up and down stairs, or not be able to sleep comfortably. Dental care is something that should be addressed at all times for a dog, but a lack of attention can cause severe problems with lost teeth and pain that can lead to weight loss and other health problems due to lack of nutrition. On the other hand, dogs with healthy mouths could still overeat, a common problem among older dogs, as they become less active and spend more time sleeping.

With any dog, putting more effort into their health and wellbeing as they age will likely allow them to experience fewer issues and a better quality of life as they age. While most dogs should visit the veterinarian at least once per year, consider upping it to two visits and ask for a body condition check each time to check things like weight. They might also suggest changing the dog's food to one that has extra dietary support for seniors or to help treat specific conditions like heart or kidney disease. While they might not be as active as they once were, senior dogs benefit significantly from regular exercise and entertainment as long as they aren't pushed past their limits.