Fraternal Order of Eagles
Big Walnut F.O.E. #3261
1623 Brice Road
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
(614) 861-9073
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The Eagles F.O.E. #3261 is Now Open!
Our facility is open for members to visit. There will be PPE requirements in place and it is recommend that members wear masks. Members are asked to remember the social distants of 6 feet and help us to stay within these requirements. We look forward to seeing all of you again.

Check out photos of What's Happened at the facility during the closure! Click Here

And, be sure to stay close to home and wash your hands often! Stay safe!

Boy Scout Troop #279
Boy Scout Troop #279 meets at the Big Walnut F.O.E. each week. We are proud to help our local scout troop with a place to meet!

  • Troop Meetings every Monday night 7-8:30 pm
  • Crew Meetings 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month 7-8 pm

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How people are responding to crisis financially

A new survey has found that 60% of adults are concerned about their finances over the next six months.

The study by Fidelity shows that people are taking steps to improve their financial goals.
- 48% are cutting back on non-essential spending.
- 44% are working to boost emergency savings.
- 15% are investing more money in the stock market. Very low stock prices on solid companies have made cash investing attractive.

However, according to Motley Fool, people should only invest money that they won't need for at least seven years.
Now the rent is due: What happens?

A federal moratorium on evictions ends this month for rental properties with federally backed mortgages.

In May a host of states returned to pre-Covid rental laws including Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Tennessee, Nebraska, Texas, and Wisconsin. Courts were expecting a tsunami of evictions when restrictions were lifted.

A recent survey by Grace Hill property management company, found that 69 percent of rentals paid their April rent in full, but just 52 percent expected to be able to pay their May rent in full.

If renters do not pay as expected, observers expect eviction and homelessness on the renters' side and, on the owners' side, mortgage default, foreclosure, and income loss.

More than half of the rental units in the country are owned by mom-and-pop landlords who depend on the money for income.
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Ten tips for better relationships

Psychologists say couples will have better relationships if they ...

l. Tell the truth. A discovered lie, no matter how small, is harmful.

2. Are appreciative of all gifts. Gifts don't have to be romantic. The important thing is that your partner has thought about you.

3. Show pleasure in sex. Even if you don't see fireworks, enjoy it and show that you do.

4. Spend time together. Do things together and be together often.

5. Are true to themselves. Talk about your problems so you can understand the complexity of each other's lives.

6. Are totally faithful. And let their partners know that it's monogamy or nothing.

7. Date their mates. Have fun.

8. Gaze into their partner's eyes.

9. Call back as soon as possible if they get a message from him or her.

10. Have a sense of humor. There is scientific evidence that laughter is a bonding agent.
Tips for giving a speech

When you're going to talk at a meeting, see the boss, or give a speech, it's normal to be nervous.

Dorothy Leeds, author of Power Speak gives this advice that helps:

* Prepare. Make an outline of what you will say. Do a dress rehearsal to see how you look even if it's just a raise request to a supervisor.

* Check the meeting plan. Know when you will be able to speak.

* Visualize yourself doing well, having a successful talk with the boss or making good points at the meeting.

* Memorize a few opening sentences. After that you can look at your notes.

* Walk calmly, take a few deep breaths as you wait to speak. Arrange your notes and materials.

* Don't forget to breathe when you are speaking. If it helps, put a symbol in your notes indicating breaths.

* Watch your gestures. Don't hold a paper if you are shaky.

* Learn to pause. It lets the audience catch up with you.

* Never tell the audience you are nervous.