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Boy Scout Troop #279
Boy Scout Troop #279 meets at the Big Walnut F.O.E. each week. We are proud to help our local scout troop with a place to meet!

  • Troop Meetings every Monday night 7-8:30 pm
  • Crew Meetings 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month 7-8 pm

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Men sport vests, fanny packs for 2019 fashion

Harnesses, fanny packs, puffer coats, and berets...welcome to Men's Fashion 2019, as envisioned by some of the top trend-setters and observers in the business.

First, the harnesses. They've popped up on some notable celebrities, though it's unclear how best to describe these statement pieces. As an article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out, even Louis Vuitton described one as an "embroidered bib" and another as a "cut away vest." The article, noting the look, questioned whether they are supposed to represent bedazzled gun holsters, sparkly black lederhosen, or perhaps toddler reins for adults.

Thankfully, other trends are a bit more normal, albeit still unique.

Fanny packs re-emerged from the 1990s last year and are still going strong. A Vogue article on men's street style pointed to a beret comeback, as well as animal prints for men, smaller puffer jackets -- is that an oxymoron? -- and more flare on pants (bye-bye, skinny jeans?).

A GQ UK article pointed to short-shorts, hiking sandals, and suits worn with no shirts. And don't forget the handbag. Yes gentlemen, a handbag. Every fashion article worth its salt mentioned handbags as well as cross-body bags and shoulder bags.

Meanwhile, Pinterest tracks trends that appear to apply to actual people rather than models on runways. And according to Pinterest, 2019 trends include light-wash denim, throwback wristwatches, corduroy (searches were up 509 percent), scarves, and quarter socks.

So whatever your style, 2019 promises to be varied, unique, and fun as always.
A mental error that can keep you in debt

Maybe a little debt doesn't feel too bad, but sooner or later people ask themselves, "Is it too much?".

That's when they start comparing themselves to peers. Friend A goes on a cruise twice a year. Debt doesn't seem to be an issue. Friend B doesn't make a lot of money, but is still a credit card clothes horse.

According to financial blogger Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, comparing yourself to others is false security. It makes you think debt is normal. It also makes you think you can afford to have it.
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How to put your life story in print

So you've written your life story for the family. Does it stay on your computer or do you want it published in a beautiful hardcover book to distribute as gifts for the kids and grandkids?

Publish it, of course! And, today the process is inexpensive and fun with many online websites designed to help you do just that.

If you are just getting started, remember that all great books start with photos. Photo books are great family mementos and, when you add names and stories, they can tell a lot about your family's history and heritage.

First, you'll need to dig the photos out of that old suitcase and scan them. Many new printers have flat-bed scanning capabilities that can produce very high quality scans. If you are scanning dozens or hundreds of photos, organize the finished scans into folders on your computer. One good way to do it is to make a folder for each person and family group you'll be featuring. That way, you can quickly find the photos.

Of course, the scanning process can quickly become time-consuming (and sometimes technical). If you don't want to scan photos yourself, try one of the many scanning services such as Memories Renewed, Scan Digital, or Dig My Pics. Simply box up your photos, according to the company's preferences, and they will turn snapshots and slides into high quality scans.

Once you have your photos ready, the next step is to get your story ready and match photos to text. Make sure to go over your story carefully, checking spelling, names, and dates as closely as you can.

Next, select a book-making company. There are many online:, My Canvas, Blurb, and Mixbook. In fact, if you use a Mac, you can quickly build a book from your photo app and press a button to have it printed.

Here is the procedure, which is similar for all companies:
  • Select a theme or template.
  • Upload images.
  • Arrange images the way you like.
  • Copy-and-paste text files to go with your photo arrangement.
  • Proofread and preview. (Take your time with this!)
  • Place your order.

Once finished, the company will mail a beautiful full-color book (or however many you wish to buy) on high quality paper. Fantastic for gifts! The company will typically keep your book project on hand so you can reorder as needed.