Fraternal Order of Eagles
Big Walnut F.O.E. #3261
1623 Brice Road
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
(614) 864-7816

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Becoming a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E. #3261)
Did you know? The definition of Aerie: The nest of a bird, such as an eagle, built on a cliff or other high place. A house or stronghold perched on a height.
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Fraternal Order of Eagles
Membership Fees (Note: These fees reflect the fees of our local Aerie #3261 and not necessarily those of the other F.O.E. facilities.)
The cost of membership is very reasonable and includes all benefits of joining. Savings can be found in the social room with our bar prices and in the kitchen with meals served often, and in many other areas. The Aerie membership year runs from June 1st through May 31st.
  • Aerie Membership
    • $20 application to join and $40 per year.
  • Auxiliary Membership
    • $25 application to join and $29 per year for non-benefit members and $30 for benefit members.

Should I join the Aerie or Auxiliary?
When the Fraternal Order of Eagles orginally organized in 1898, the Aerie was for men only. However, in 1927 the women organized and started the Auxiliary where women could get involved. Today, both men or women can join on the Aerie side and women only can join on the Auxiliary side. Both the Aerie and Auxiliary have their own special benefits and you can read more about them in the individual pages within. See: Aerie News for the Aerie F.O.E. #3261 and/or Auxiliary News for Aerie F.O.E. #3261.


The Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) was founded in February, 1898 by six theatre owners gathered in a Seattle shipyard to discuss a musician's strike. After addressing the matter, they agreed to "bury the hatchet" and form "The Order of Good Things." As numbers grew, members selected the Bald Eagle as the official emblem and changed the name to "The Fraternal Order of Eagles." The women's auxiliary traces its roots to 1927.

Major Accomplishments
  • First Public Plea for Mother's Day
  • Served as driving force in founding Social Security Program
  • Helped end job discrimination based on age with the "Jobs After 40" Program
  • Distributed Ten Commandments monoliths and fought to keep the Commandments in public places

Member Benefits (Note: These benefits reflect the benefits of our local Aerie #3261 and not necessarily those of the other F.O.E. facilities.)

Below are just a few of the benefits offered.

  • Upon a vote of the Aerie in regular session, there may be issued to any member in good standing, who is in the military service, a Military Service Certificate. When such certificate has been issued to a member, he/she shall not be obligated to pay dues to the Aerie but shall be carried on the rolls of the Aerie as a member in good standing during the term of their military service and for thirty days thereafter.
  • Admission to nearly 3,000 Aeries & Auxiliaries across the United States and Canada.
  • Membership includes a personal door pass that will automatically unlock the front door at F.O.E. #3261. Members are welcome to bring in two guests, per visit (please have guests sign the guest register at the door).
  • Membership also includes a membership card. Carry this card with you always, and when you want to visit an F.O.E. facility.
  • Our social room is one of our biggest benefits which include our beautiful bar as a gathering place for our members. You will be pleased with our drink prices. And, our bar menu includes nonalcoholic drinks including iced tea from the tap and canned sodas! Try it, we think you will like it! Note: no one under the age of 21 permitted to sit at the bar.
  • We offer special events, bands on the weekends, Bingo, and card games, many offered weekly. We also have gaming machines, an ATM, stage, bar stools and tables. When open, our kitchen attached to the social room offers meals including breakfast and dinners (see the monthly calendar found in the social room or online at our website).
  • Our patio is another place to cruse too. Many are surprised that there is often a whole “other crowd” hanging out there. There is a mini-bar and television. This spot is especially popular with our smokers, but all are welcome as the air flows freely because of the open concept. Remember! No Smoking inside our Aerie home.
  • We have a separate card game room just inside the back hall off the social room. If you are into a private setting for playing cards, check out this room often.
  • All F.O.E. members have access to free wifi for their Internet needs while visiting the facility. Members can find sign-on information, including ID and Password, posted on the bulletin board in the social room. Need to work online? Come in and log on!